With all the options at your fingertips, setting up a Facebook Business Page can feel like prepping a rocket ship headed to outer space.

But if you want to do business online, having a presence on Facebook is a good idea. 

Really, it’s more of a must.

With 2.45 billion monthly users and logging on daily, it’s by far the most popular social network.

facebook statistics

Still, as Facebook has grown, so has the complexity of its features.

Don’t waste another day poking around Facebook, trying to figure it all out. This article will walk you through everything you need to know to get your Facebook Business Page up and running like a social media marketing pro.

But before we dive in:

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4 Facebook Business Page FAQs

Here are the answers to four commonly asked questions about Facebook Business Pages.

1. What is a Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook Business Page is where you manage your brand’s presence on the largest social network in the world. Your page allows you to connect with your customers and nurture prospects by:

  • Sharing content
  • Responding to customer service inquiries
  • Collaborating with customers and other brands
  • Having personal conversations with followers
  • And more…

The image below shows Facebook Business Page:

2. Can I Use a Personal Facebook Profile for My Business?

There are many well-intentioned entrepreneurs out there using personal Facebook profiles for their brands, instead of an actual Facebook Business Page.

This is a bad idea.

If you create a personal profile, you’ll miss out on a whole suite of content creation tools, analytics, and paid promotional opportunities that come with a Facebook Business Page. What’s more, users would need to send you a friend request to engage with your brand.

And you don’t want to make it more difficult for your customers to engage with you on social media.

So, harness the power of Facebook Business Pages.

“Um, Tom – I’ve already made a personal profile for my brand…” Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered:

3. How Can I Convert My Profile to a Facebook Business Page?

Facebook allows you to easily create a new Business Page that’s based on your profile.

Afterward, you’ll have both a profile and a Page.

Facebook will copy over your information, profile picture, and cover image. Plus, you can select which friends, followers, photos, and videos to transfer to your new Facebook Business Page.

What’s more, if you convert a verified profile, the verified status will also be moved to your new page.

There is one main drawback: Any video views or other metrics will remain with your profile and can’t be transferred to your new Facebook Business Page.

To convert your profile to a Facebook Business Page:

  1. or head to “facebook.com/pages/create/migrate”.
  2. Click “Get Started” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Your new Facebook Business Page will be published once the conversion process is finished!

Note: If you’re currently serving as an administrator for any other Facebook Pages or groups, then you must add more people as admins for those properties. This is just to make sure those pages and groups are not left without an admin in case anything goes wrong during profile to Business Page conversion.

For more information on how to convert a profile to a Business Page, .

4. How Much Does a Facebook Business Page Cost?

Just like Facebook profiles and groups, you can set up and use a Facebook Business Page for free – regardless of how many followers or likes you have.

Even if you spend money on Facebook Ads, there’s still no charge for the organic aspects of your Facebook Business Page.

What’s more, Facebook doesn’t even charge a fee to add a storefront to your page!

So why does a Facebook Business Page cost nothing? Well, it doesn’t.

In exchange for using the platform and engaging with your customers, you help Facebook acquire even more attention from your audience.

Facebook then sells this attention to advertisers in the form of Facebook Ads.

Now, let’s build you a killer Facebook Business Page!

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 19 Easy Steps

Step 1: Create Your Page

To get started, or head to “facebook.com/pages/creation”.

Facebook provides you with two Page options:

  1. Business or brand
  2. Community or public figure

Business of Community

Each type of Page comes with a different set of features. Choose “Business or brand,” and click “Get Started.”

And you’re off!

Next up, you need to complete the basic details of your business or brand:

  • Page Name
  • Category
  • Address

Facebook Business Page Setup

Do your best to pick the most appropriate category for your business. But don’t worry if you change your mind, as you can always change it in the future.

If you like, you can add your business phone number. You also have the option to hide your address from Facebook users.

Once you’re done, click “Continue.”

Step 2: Add a Profile Picture

Next, Facebook will prompt you to upload a profile picture.

Facebook Business Page Upload Profile Picture

Most businesses use their logo as a profile picture, as does on their Facebook Page:

Facebook Business Page Shopify

If you don’t have a great logo design for your business, check out Shopify’s free tool, . It’ll help you create a professional-looking logo in minutes.

What’s more, Hatchful will create an entire brand package from your logo design. This includes images perfectly formatted for all of the most popular social media platforms.

Hatchful Logo Maker

Bear in mind that your profile picture is often shown as a circle throughout the platform.

So make sure there are no vital elements on the fringes of your image and that it looks great when displayed as a circle or a square.

Round Profile Pictures

Finally, the ideal size of Facebook profile photos is 360 x 360 pixels, but they must be at least 180 x 180 pixels.

Step 3: Add a Cover Photo 

Now it’s time to add your Facebook cover photo.

Facebook Business Page Add Cover Photo

Your cover photo is often the first thing visitors notice. So it’s best to choose an image or video that immediately conveys your unique value proposition and brand personality.

Here’s current Facebook cover image:

The image delivers a unique value proposition, and the design conveys its brand’s personality.

At this stage, Facebook prompts you to add a cover photo, but if you’d prefer, you can upload a cover video once you’ve finished creating your page.

To do this, click “Skip,” and you’ll be presented with your brand new Facebook Business Page in all its glory.

Then, click the “Add a Cover” button and click “Upload photo/video.”

Facebook Business Page Edit Cover Photo

Cover art displays at 820 x 312 pixels on computers, and 640 x 360 pixels on mobile devices.

Videos must be between 20 and 90 seconds long and have a maximum 1080p resolution. You can upload them in .mov or mp4 format.

Below are some Facebook Business Page tips to keep in mind when uploading either:

Keep it fun but on-brand: It’s fine to have fun with your Facebook cover image or video, but don’t get too unprofessional as it may distract users from the unique value proposition of your company. 

Center the text: Since you’ll be cropping and dragging your Facebook cover to the correct size, try to place text or objects in the center, so they are visible.   

Make videos pleasant for the auto loop: Remember that Facebook cover videos play on a loop. Once they end, they automatically play over if the viewer is still browsing your Facebook Page. Make sure whatever content you upload is pleasing to see when played over and over.

Step 4: Identify the Key Aspects of Your Facebook Business Page

Congratulations, you’re now the proud owner of a Business Page!

At the top of your page, you’ll see links to the different Page management sections:

  • Page: The link back to where you are now
  • Inbox: Where you can manage your messages with other users
  • Notifications: A summary of your page’s interactions
  • Insights: Where you can track page metrics
  • Publishing Tools: Schedule new posts and review past performance
  • Promotions: Manage and track your Facebook Ad campaigns

Have a quick look to familiarize yourself with each of them, and then come back to your page.

Go ahead; I’ll wait a minute.

Facebook Business Page Dashboard

All good? Okay, in the left sidebar, you’ll see your Page’s different tabs.

And at the top-right of the page, you’ll see links to Facebook’s Help section and your Page settings.

Step 5: Learn How to Login to Your Facebook Business Page

To navigate back to your personal Facebook profile, simply click your name or profile picture in the top blue bar.

Then, wherever you’re on the platform, you can access your Business Page admin by clicking the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of your screen.

Facebook Business Page Admin

This will bring up a list of the Pages you manage – just click the one you want to use!

Step 6: View Your Facebook Business Page Settings

Now that you’re familiar with your new page let’s take a look at the Settings.

Facebook Business Page Settings

Facebook gives you a lot of options:

Facebook Business Page Settings

But thankfully, these settings are all fairly straightforward, and you can leave most of them as they are.

For now, have a read through the settings and change anything that seems particularly relevant to your business.

For example, if you sell children’s toys, you may want to turn on the profanity filter. Or, if you have an international target audience, be sure to enable the ability to write posts in multiple languages.

Step 7: Add and Edit Page Roles

If you have other members of your team who you’d like to manage your Business Page, you add them to the settings.

First, click “Page Roles” in the left-hand sidebar. Then type in their name or email address to find them.

Facebook Business Page Assign Roles

Next, Facebook’s drop-down menu provides five different page roles for you to choose from:

  • Admin
  • Editor
  • Moderator
  • Advertiser
  • Analyst

Each one allows page managers to access and use certain features. To understand the differences, choose one of the options and read the description under the bar.

Step 8: Change Your Facebook Business Page Template

Facebook provides ten different Facebook Business Page templates for you to choose from. Each is tailored to best suit the needs of various organizations and individuals.

  1. Standard page
  2. Business
  3. Venues
  4. Movies
  5. Charity
  6. Politicians
  7. Services
  8. Restaurants and cafes
  9. Shopping
  10. Video page

To access these, click “Edit Page” in the left sidebar, and then underneath “Templates,” click “Edit.”

Facebook Business Page Template

To find out more about each template, just click “View Details” as you scroll through the options.

Facebook Business Page Templates

The primary difference between the templates is the links in the tab section and the buttons on the toolbar. 

For instance, choosing the “Shopping template” will add a “Shop” button on your Business Page. Clicking it will display the products you’ve added to your Facebook Shop.

It’s best to choose the business template unless you have a specific reason to select one of the others. 

Of course, you’ll still get the option to move tabs around, i.e., customize the order they are in and which tabs are visible.

Once you’ve selected a template, Facebook then provides a tour to help you familiarize yourself with it.

Step 9: Add and Rearrange Your Tabs

After taking the tour, scroll down to see your Facebook page tabs.

Here, you can change the order of your tabs or add new ones for your particular needs.

Facebook Business Page Add Tab

Remember, these are the tabs that show up underneath your profile picture in the left sidebar of your page.

Facebook Business Page Tabs

Step 10: Create a Facebook Business Page Username

Facebook Business Pages allow you to choose a unique username to use on the platform.

To set this, click the “About” tab in the left sidebar, and then click “Create Page @username.”

Facebook Business Page Username

Branding 101: Use your business name.

Remember, this name will be seen and used in many of your Facebook interactions. Plus, it’s what people will use to tag your Page in images and posts.

You want to make it easy for people to find you.

However, your business name may already be in use by someone else. If this is the case, Facebook will tell you and display a red “X”.

In this instance, you’ll need to get a little creative.

If your business is locally-focused, try adding your location to your business name. For example, “@SkyrocketApparel” could become “@SkyrocketApparelLondon.” Just make sure that the brand name isn’t trademarked.

Whatever name you choose, keep it simple and memorable.

And if you’re struggling for ideas, take assistance from the .

Ideally, it’s best to use the same username on all of your social media profiles. This makes things much easier for your existing audience to find your other profiles and pages.

Facebook Business Page Username

Your business page username must be at least five characters long and made up of numbers and letters only.

Many people have found that Facebook won’t allow them to create a page username.

If this happens to you, adding another Page administrator to change it for you. Bizarrely, this seems to work!

Step 11: Input Your Information into the About Section

Next, input your business information in the About section.

Facebook Business Page Details

Make sure to include your mission statement as well as links to your website and other social media profiles in this section.

This will help people find your Facebook Business Page, and provide additional context when new followers are keen to learn about your business.

Step 12: Add Your Story

This is showcased prominently on your Facebook Page in the right-hand sidebar.

Facebook Business Page Story

To edit your story from the “About” tab, just click “Tell people about your business.”

Facebook Business Page Story

Facebook allows you to include three elements:

  • Header image
  • Title
  • Body text

Facebook Business Page Story

Most brands will simply copy and paste their website’s “About Us” page to this section. To learn more about creating a killer About Us page, watch the video below:


Once you’ve finished creating your Story hit “Save,” and don’t forget to publish it when you’re ready. It’s easy to make edits in the future.

Edit Story Facebook Business Page

Step 13: Add Your Team Members

This is an additional feature to the Page roles I mentioned earlier.

These are page managers who also choose to have the page appear on their personal profile, and their name and profile picture shown in this section of your page.

Facebook Business Page Team Members

Why add team members?

Well, doing so improves trust and credibility. Plus, adding team members will help to promote your Facebook Business Page to your team members’ networks.

Step 14: Add a Call-to-Action Button

Don’t skip this step.

Your Page’s call-to-action (CTA) button is one of the best opportunities to capture prospects and leads.

Most business page templates will display the “Send Message” button to start.

To change this, click the pencil icon and then click the “Edit button” on the drop-down menu that appears.

Edit Button

Facebook provides different CTA options to choose from:

  • Make a booking with you
  • Contact you
  • Learn more about your business
  • Shop with you or make a donation
  • Download your app or play your game

Facebook Business Page Edit Button

If you run an ecommerce business, it’s best to choose “Shop with you or make a donation.” You can then select “Shop Now” or “See Offers.”

Once you’ve chosen your CTA button, click “Next.”

Then, you can use the button to link to your website or to send customers to the .

Facebook Business Page Edit Button

If you’d like to allow people to shop on your Facebook page, you need to .

For now, you can just input your website link and then click “Finish.”

Step 15: Create Your First Post and Pin It to Your Page

Facebook allows you to pin one post to the top of your page so that whenever users view your page, it’s always the first post they see.

Facebook provides plenty of post options.

Page Post

Use this opportunity to promote your current offer or a key 密博(上海)官方网站:value proposition.

Pin Post

Once you’ve created your post, click the three dots indicating the drop-down menu, and click “Pin to top of page.”

Pin to Top of Page

You can check it’s worked by looking for the blue pin icon.

Facebook Business Page Pin Post

Step 16: Add Photos and Videos

Before you begin promoting your Business Page, it’s best to upload some content for new viewers to check out.

To add photos, simply click the “Photos” tab, and then click “Create Album.”

Facebook Business Page Photos

And to 密博(上海)官方网站:add videos, just click the “Videos” tab and then click “Add Video.”

Facebook Business Page Add Video

Step 17: Like Other Pages

Okay, it’s time to get social.

Liking other pages will add their content to your Page’s News Feed.

This will enable you to engage with other Pages and attain more reach. When you interact with another Page’s post, the engagement will show up in other connected News Feeds.

This is a great way to begin building your network.

Navigate to the Page you want to Like, and then click the three dots indicating the drop-down menu underneath the Page’s Cover Art.

Then click “Like as your Page.”

Facebook Business Page Like as Page

Facebook displays three of the Pages you’ve liked at random on your Facebook Business Page. You can see these at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar.

Liked Pages

Step 18: Review Your Page as a Visitor

Okay, you’re nearly finished setting up your Facebook Business Page! But before sharing your Page, it’s a good idea to check how it appears to visitors.

Thankfully, Facebook lets you view your Page as a visitor without having to log out.

To do this, click the three dots indicating the drop-down menu, and then click “View as Page Visitor.”

Facebook Business Page View as Visitor

To switch back to managing your page, simply click “Switch back to your view” at the top of the page.

FB Normal View

Be sure to do this from time-to-time to check that you’re happy with how your Page appears.

Step 19: Invite Your Friends and Start Promoting Your Page!

Your Page will appear more credible to new followers if it already has some likes and interactions from other people.

This is because of social proof.

So to get your Page off to a good start, invite some friends to like it by using the tool in the right-hand sidebar.

Invite Friends on FB

Once your friends have helped you get your page off to a good start, you can link to your Facebook Business Page from your website and other profiles and begin promoting it!

To learn more about promoting your Page, check out our guide, “15 Ways to Increase Facebook Followers and Likes in 2021.”

Bonus Step: Familiarize Yourself with Facebook Insights

Finally, Facebook tracks your page interactions to provide you with a suite of useful analytics.

You can find this data by clicking “Insights” at the top of your Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Insights

It’ll be blank until your page accumulates interactions, but after a while, it will be full of useful information!

Facebook Business Page Insights

While having all this data at your fingertips is nice, it’s only beneficial if you understand which Facebook metrics matter the most to your business. Below are three key metrics you should track and improve upon.

  • Reach: This indicates the number of Facebook users who saw your content on Facebook. It’s normal to have a low reach since Facebook presents your posts to just who like your Facebook Business Page. That being said, you can always use Facebook ads to bump up the numbers.
  • Post engagements: This metric is a crucial part of Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm. Consistently high engagement on your posts means people like your content, and you should only make minor changes to your strategy.
  • Videos: This metric shows the number of times your videos were played for at least three seconds. A low number indicates the need for new intros and captions that entice audiences to watch entire videos.


Facebook is the largest social network in the world – by far. So if you want to expand your business online, it’s well worth taking the time to set up a Facebook Business Page.

This marketing tool has a lot of moving parts, but for best results, be sure to configure your page correctly.

And remember, before you start promoting your Facebook Business Page to customers and prospects, it’s imperative to have plenty of content ready-and-waiting for them to enjoy.

Do you have any questions about Facebook Business Pages? Let us know in the comments below!

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